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Yoga means union: union of body, mind, and spirit.

The physical training offered in our classes can be vigorous and rigorous, as well as restorative. We are happy that students and visitors have told us that we have achieved our primary intention of creating a studio with a meditative, regenerative atmosphere.

Opened in 2003, Yoga Jones was the first and remains the only yoga studio in Ventura to offer yoga classes in a wide variety of styles for students with varying interests and needs. Creators Tina Chappel, who teaches, and her husband Tom Lane immersed themselves in the practice during the burgeoning yoga movement in ‘90s Los Angeles. They practiced mainly at Center for Yoga on Larchmont—now part of the YogaWorks chain. They studied with such renowned teachers as Erich Schiffmann, Shiva Rea, and Paul Cabanis, while Tina did teacher training in 1998 with Ana Forrest.

We believe different styles of yoga are complementary, not mutually exclusive. We’re extremely proud of the studio’s teaching staff, whose devotion to the practice is reflected in the depth of their training. We have two yoga rooms to allow us to offer a great variety of classes. We feature expertly taught, vigorous vinyasa flow classes, while maintaining the variety of props, including two rope walls.  Classes are also offered to groups with special requirements, such as pre and post Natal, over 50+ and recovery.

 As the Seasons change, so does our offerings of new classes, workshops and events,


Yoga Classes in Ventura

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