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Immersion 4

Qi Gong
with Shanti

Intro to Mantras & Mantra Meditation
with Ilse

Immersion 4 will focus on fundamental Qi Gong (chi kung) - energy work.  Qi Gong will include gentle movements for developing awareness of internal qi along with cultivating and moving qi for health and vitality .  Immersion 4 will also include a very special guest. They’ll be teaching a profound lineage Qi Gong practice that's a very simple and effective way to gather and move qi, and to bring one's body, speech and mind into balance.  This is a gentle movement class and delivered for all levels, regardless of previous practice.  You can attend this class even if you missed Immersions 1-3.

This has been so incredible!  Here we are at the 4th cycle of the Taoist Yin Yang Yoga Immersions Series. I feel so much gratitude for sharing this work with such sincere beings
We'll repeat the series again and it's totally okay to join one, any or all of the classes in the Immersion.  Each session is self-contained.

Join us - Shanti

Aug 27   2-5pm
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Explore the world of Mantra. Learn about their fascinating origin, meaning and their direct effect on your body, mind and daily life. Experience mantra meditation and chant some mantras in various forms.

Aug 18 
7-8:30 pm

$10 PreSale (till 8/13) 

$15 Regular