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March 24


Pre-Natal Partner Yoga

w/ Alison

pre-registration required
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Our western world and most particularly urban societies are overcome by “excess” in many aspects of our lifestyle and manner of thinking. The patterns seem to be redundant and as a result the health issues are increasing and damaging the quality of our lives. The ancient yet practical wisdom of Ayurveda teaches us how to manage our physical energies accordingly, as per the level and maturity of our body type and awareness, known as mind-body-synergy. Learn the indicators of excess in health and wellness and the key principles to managing your weight through diet, herbs, yoga and lifestyle practices. Ayurvedic dietary wisdom principles provide a framework in which to adapt our diet to the cycles of life, for healing and for spiritual evolution. This workshop will explore the concepts of health and wellness, not measured merely from a physical or aesthetic perspective but from one of awareness, consciousness and ultimately in the relationship one shares with nature.

Also included:

  • Addressing the concept of balanced weight or “loss” according to Ayurvedic tri-dosha.
  • Ayurvedic remedies applied according to the dosha type.
  • Applying yogic techniques to enhance the balance of the digestive system.

250 hour Teacher Certification

w/ Mas Vidal

Starts April

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Come add a new and healthy dimension to your journey with Alison's professional guidance.

Saturday Mar 24



Evolutionary Living with Yoga & Ayurveda

W/ Mas Vidal

Special Pre-Sale only $35 by March 21

$45 after