The amount of knowledge that was shared and the amount of one on one asana with Mas is something that you can’t put a price on. Mas lives and breathes this program and you can feel it in his energy.
 -Leah Vernon (Program graduate)

Mas and staff shared eons of wisdom to help me on my path. I completed 200+ hours of training with Dancing Shiva that changed my life; the way I view every thing and every one. The physical asana practice gave me confidence as my body became leaner and my mind stronger. Our deep meditations and discussions gave me a sense of community and connection I carry with me always. Om!
-Calethia DeConto (Program graduate)

The course deepened my personal asana practice and taught me how to live an integral yogi lifestyle that goes way beyond practicing postures. My life transformed on the deepest levels, my health improved, my spiritual practices grew. 

-Karin Robbins, LCSW, SEP (Program graduate)

This segment will be taught by-
Yogini Johanna Bennett

"My life transformed on the deepest levels...."

Mas Vidal is offering drop-in sessions for his teacher trainings.

Sunday July15th



Mas Vidal is offering drop-in sessions for his teacher trainings.

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thru July.

Yogini Johanna Bennett
Johanna’s yoga classes are integral in nature. She teaches an alignment based system of Hatha yoga with a strong focus on detoxification of mind and body to clear away blockages impeding spiritual progress. Her knowledge of Marma therapy, the 7 dhatus (tissues) and Chikitsa (therapy) broaden her scope of teaching asana. Her love of jnana yoga (study) coupled with bhakti devotional yoga is at the heart of her teaching focus.
She is trained at Reiki levels 1 and 2. Johanna is also a certified Pancha Karma therapist.
Johanna has a BA in Religious Studies and Asian Studies, and has done post-baccalaureate work in Asian Studies. She is a student of Sanskrit and Classical Indian Philosophy, studying with Joel Bender and with Dr. Tracy Tiemeier at LMU translating the Tiruppavai, devotional Tamil Alwar poetry.


local yoga classes.
Workshops and events in Ventura. Yoga Jones workshops and events


Join us for a cool afternoon of refreshing and healing Yin Yoga, organic lemonade and nourishing connectivity with yourself and yoga family. 

ALL levels are welcome and no experience is necessary. 

Spots are filling, so be sure to rsvp to reserve.


w/ Shanti

Yoga & Ayurveda Asana Workshop
This yoga and Ayurveda workshop combines the best of these great traditions. This informal gathering includes Vedic meditation, postural yoga, breath-work, detailed instruction and esoteric principles of that uphold these great teachings. Yogini Johanna brings a wealth of knowledge that is both spiritual and very practical. All are welcome to partake and experience this workshop as part of a certification program being offered at Yoga Jones.
Sat, July 7th
Time: 10am -1pm

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Yoga & Ayurveda Wisdom Lecture

The wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga is based on energy as expressed through the five great elements. These elements exist in nature and within us and provide the foundation for understanding the mind and its different qualities and the body and its distinct types (doshas). Learn the about the sacred mind-body relationship from the perspective of the great spiritual teachings of India. All are welcome to enjoy this lecture presented as part of a certification program being offered at Yoga Jones.
Sat, July 7th
Time: 2:30- 6:00pm
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