Saturday, May 20



Workshops And Events in Ventura

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Workshops and events in Ventura. Yoga Jones workshops and events

Two practices join together giving you deeper access to reconnect within your body. MELT Method® a process of rebalancing and rehydrating the connective tissue and calming the nervous system, releases the first level of tension held within the body. Our body consists of 65% water. MELT Method® allows you to direct this water into the areas of the body needing hydration. This practice then allows you to deeply relax into a session of Restorative yoga, a mindful and compassionate practice of letting-go within your body while in asana postures. Through the use of props the body is held to deeply release held tensions and toxins and bring inner peace and harmony to body, mind, & spirit. We invite people of all ages and experience.

 MELT Method & Restorative Yoga

with Marilyn Hefferen & Pamela Franco 

Sunday May 21 2-5pm




 A Day with Eric Small-Senior Iyengar Teacher  

Join The delightful Eric Small for his yearly Yoga Jones visit!

1.Integrate your existing knowledge of Hatha Yoga.
2.Create/Customize sequences for personal practice.
3.Understand the effects of Iyengar Yoga in your sequences.
Eric has been involved with the practice since being diagnosed with MS at 22. Now in his 80's he is an testament to the healing powers of yoga. He is the Director of the Beverly Hills Iyengar Yoga Center and teaches world-wide.