10 am level 1 – 2    tina
5 pm  vinyasa flow / all levels   camila
5:30 pm community class (60min) (by donation)   kamala
6:30 pm  yoga & ayurveda for health and healing   sabine      


6:30 am morning yoga flow  (60 min) marilyn
9 am vinyasa flow / all levels   andrea
9 am beginner slow flow    breeze 
4 pm gentle yoga (85 min)   chris 
5:30 pm taoist yoga   shanti
5:30 pm massage drop-in clinic (20 minutes for $15)   jewel
7:30 pm capoeira (no class passes accepted)  michael  

9 am core flow    sabine
12:15 pm hump day nooner (45min) kira   
6 pm yoga & ayurveda for health and healing  sabine
6:30 core flow   camila

9 am vinyasa flow / all levels    tina
9 am beginner slow flow    breeze 
10:30 am yoga for the back kamala
5:30 pm taoist yoga    shanti
5:30 pm kundalini / all levels   jai jot
7:30 pm capoeira (no class passes accepted)   michael  

10 am level 1 – 2    tina
11:45 am mindful meditation (20 min) (by donation) tina
5:30 pm restorative yoga  marilyn
7:00pm meditation with sound   asura (60 min)
second fridays only NEW

8 am vinyasa flow / all levels (75min)   camilla
8 am  gentle yoga (85 min)    chris
9:15 am pre-natal  (75 min)     alison
9:30 am sivananda/ all levels     sangjay
10:45 am kundalini / all levels    anna/lida

8am ashtanga    victoria
9:30 am  vinyasa  flow  leeAnn 
10 am sivananda yoga   ilse / sangjay
1pm kids (6-10yrs) (60 mins) (cash only/ $10)    lore   

( on vacation June 18th)





Please arrive on time

Please bring clean feet, an open heart, and an empty stomach (not eating for 3 hours before class is recommended).

Please leave behind mobile phones, pagers, beeping watches, and perfumes, colognes, or scented lotions.

Social conversation during class is not encouraged - this is an opportunity to focus on yourself rather than others.

SUMMER   2017


New Classes and Schedule starts Sept 1.