Through Partner Yoga and Thai Massage one can explore stretching the body more deeply and completely with full attention and support. Partner Yoga is like having a coach, a stretch buddy, a cheerleader, and a friend to help us go to our “edge," to support and be supported.  Someone to breath with sharing life force and creating shared experience.

Connect with  a loved one:  A partner, parent, child or friend bringing health and well being into your relationships.  Deepen your understanding of yoga and develop greater awareness of self and other.  Bond through breathe, align through posture, guiding and supporting each other in a creative and playful journey. 
No yoga or massage experience is required. Sessions available at HeartSpace @Yoga Jones or at your hOMe, beach or favorite hillside!

Lynne Okun, MFT/ATR is a long time yoga enthusiast and thai yoga massage therapist.  Lynne co-inspires, working collaboratively with clients, sharing her experience with yoga, massage and the fine art of play.  She has trained (level 2) in Principle Based Parter Yoga with Elysabeth Williamson, studied Thai Massage/ Thai Yoga Therapy with Deon de Wet, Phoebe DIftler and Sierra Velasquez.  The heart and soul of her work comes from the world of Circus Yoga with Erin & Kevin Maille O'Keefe... "Now Must Play!"
Contact Lynne: 805-338-2576

Elite athletes regularly face fear, injury, packed schedules, exhaustion, distractions, and team discord. Working IN: The Elite Athlete’s Guide to Working Out from the Inside provides an alternative to career-compromising supplements, steroids and drugs. The secret alternative is yoga techniques honed over millennia that enable athletes to stay on the elite track and sustain champion performance by using the most natural and cost-effective means.

Working IN presents the true stories of six athletes and the yoga techniques that helped them overcome their problems. See how a baseball player pulls out of a slump, another gains control of his personal life and improves his performance, a free diver overcomes his fear, and a cheerleader combats her terror of making a mistake. For these athletes and the others described in the book, specially tailored yoga practices allowed them to overcome their problems, and they went on to achieve success in their disciplines.

Kamala Nellen’s knowledge is based on her career as a professional dancer and 40 years study, practice, and teaching time-proven physical and mental techniques and practices from yoga. She is also a credentialed life coach and practitioner of nonviolent communication. All this knowledge and experience is ready to help you on and off the competitive field, in the pages of Working IN: the Elite Athlete’s Guide to Working Out from the Inside.

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Private Sessions range from $75 to $150.

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Spring Special 

$50/hr or $80/2hrs

Thai Yoga Therapy

(aka Thai Massage)

Partner Yoga for Family, Friends and Groups

Circus Yoga for Families, Community, Celebrations